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Reviving Hearts

Transforming Lives 

Awakening Cities


Vineyard Church Southern Indiana exists to help people find their identity and purpose in Christ.


Our mission is simple

Revive Hearts to the original intent God had for them: relationship through Jesus. 

Transform Lives of people so they can accomplish the purpose God has for them.

Awaken Cities to the purpose God has.

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Vineyard Core Values and Beliefs

Vineyard Church Southern Indiana 



Brian and Alex Hasset

Brian and Alexandra Hassett are the Senior Pastors of Vineyard Church Southern Indiana. They both have been involved in full-time ministry since 2011 and moved to the area in 2018. They have helped plant several churches as worship pastors and are so excited to be planting Vineyard Church Southern Indiana.

Pastor Brian grew up a Navy Brat moving from California, to Japan, back to California, and then landed in Pensacola, Fl in 2002 where he met Jesus as well as his wife Alexandra. Brian has a passion to raise up leaders and lead people to Christ. His background in business has prepared him for the riggers of church planting. 

Pastor Alex was born in Louisville, Kentucky and grew up in Sellersburg, Indiana until her family moved to Pensacola, Florida in 2000. Alex has a background in elementary education and plays a major roll as a Senior Pastor of Vineyard Church Southern Indiana. She has a passion for God's word and His people and is always the first person to help get things done.

Together, Alex and Brian invite you to hang out at Vineyard Church Southern Indiana. This is a safe place where we will help you find your identity and purpose. 

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